At Sythwood the teaching of history enables children to understand events from the past and how these have shaped and formed the culture and ways of life that we see around us in the present. Children will develop an understanding and curiosity for what has come ‘before’ and the link that can be made to ‘now’. History enables children to develop an understanding of their identity and provides a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant past events and people.

The history curriculum develops an understanding of new concepts and the skills needed to enquire and investigate sources from the past. New topics and content build on prior learning in order to deepen understanding. Children will develop and embed their understanding of chronology and the sense of time between different time periods.

History is learnt through sources from the past and the links these make to the present. Children will gain a deeper understanding of the necessary skills and concepts through hands on experiences with a range of artefacts and sources. As historians, children need to be able to research and interpret evidence from a variety of sources, therefore developing the skills of enquiry and investigation.

It is crucial that children are exposed to the correct use of historical vocabulary in order to effectively communicate their understanding of historical skills and concepts. We read language rich stories that introduce children to different periods of history that reflect a diverse range of cultures.

History has strong cross-curricular links with English, PSHE, geography and RE; these links enable children to apply their historical knowledge and skills in other contexts in order to embed learning.

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History Progression 26th Oct 2020 Download
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