5th November 2020 UPDATE: 

Following Government guidelines for out of school activities, we will still be providing these where it is reasonably necessary to enable parents to: 

- Work or search for work

- Undertake training or education

If you do not require a place for the above reasons please indicate that you will be withdrawing your child from their club, please fill out and submit the form below. 


We are passionate about giving our children as many different 'free' enriching experiences as possible and we see great value in providing extracurricular activities to supplement our curriculum outside of the school day. 

Autumn Term 2020 

Please sign up for clubs by Tuesday 29th September via the form at the bottom of this page. 

Clubs start Monday 5th October. 

Please be aware that children will stay in year group bubbles, however, some adults leading the clubs will have been working with different bubbles during the school day. This is in compliance with the DfE guidance. 

All school clubs end at 4:15pm unless stated otherwise. Please enter through the main gate and leave out of the back gate near the Reception classes (one way).  Please take care to socially distance from other people when collecting your child. 

Club Bubble Day Collection 
Handwriting Skills Year 1 Monday Hazel class
Art and Creative  Year 1 Thursday Aspen class
Maths Games Year 1 Tuesday Maple class
Handwriting Skills Year 2 Monday Holly class
Construction  Year 2 Monday Juniper class
Art and Painting Year 2 Monday Willow class
Art and Craft Year 3 Monday Larch class
Lego Therapy Year 3 Monday Chestnut class
Drama Year 3 Monday Beech class
Rugby Year 4 Monday Rowan class
Time Tables Rockstars Year 4 Monday Cedar class
Craft Year 4 Monday Pine class
Art and Craft Year 5 Monday Lime class
Outdoor Adventures Year 5 Tuesday Outdoor gym 
Board Games Year 5 Monday Cypress class
Third Space (invite) Year 6 Thursday (4:30pm) Main office
Maths Masterclass (invite) Year 6 Tuesday Sycamore class
Play and Talk Year 6 Tuesday Magnolia class

Please be aware that some clubs are invite only so you will not be able to complete the related sign up form. 


Information about NSSport paid clubs can be found at:


Please note that paid clubs may have alternative dates and timings.


Withdrawing Attendance of Club

Withdrawing Attendance of Club
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