We are passionate about giving our children as many different 'free' experiences as possible and we see great value in providing extracurricular activities to supplement our curriculum. 

Spring Term 2020 

We are able to offer the following school clubs (see table below) this term which will start from Monday 27th January and end Friday 27th March. 

The online sign up will be available to parents from Thursday 16th January to Monday 20th January. Please complete the sign up form below. You will be notified by Monday 27th if your child has a club. 

Please be aware that some clubs are invite only so you will not be able to complete the related sign up form. 

Information about Sam/Luke's NSSport paid clubs can be found at:

Please note that paid clubs will have alternative start and end dates. 

Club Year(s) Day/end time Collection 
Cooking R-1 Tuesday 4:15pm Infant Hall
Creative Writing (invite) 1 Monday 4:15pm Hazel Class
Phonics Club (invite) 1 Wednesday 4:15pm Maple Class
Arts and Crafts 1 Tuesday 4:15pm Aspen Class
Fine Motor and Handwriting 1-2 Monday 4:15pm Aspen Class
Hama Beads 1-2 Monday 4:15pm  Ash Class
Cooking (invite) 2 Monday 4:15pm Juniper Class
Mindfulness Colouring 1-3 Monday 4:15pm Holly Class
Board Games 1-3 Monday 4:15pm Maple Class 
Chess  R-6 Friday 4:15pm Larch Class
Clubbercise (paid) R-6 Wednesday 7:45am start Junior Hall
Young Carers (invite) 3-6 Monday 4:15pm Year 5 door
Quiz Club 3-4 Monday 4:15pm Year 4 door
Step by Step Drawing 3-4 Monday 4:15pm Sunflower Class
Dance and Drama 3-4 Monday 4:15pm Junior Hall
Forest School (invite) 3-4 Tuesday 4:15pm Gym
Stone Painting  4-5 Monday 4:15pm  Main Office
Netball and Fitness 5-6 Monday 4:15pm  Year 6 door
Reading Booster (invite) 6 Monday 4:15pm Main Office
Third Space Maths (invite)  6 Thursday 4:30pm Main Office
Arithmetic (invite)   6 Monday 4:15pm Year 6 door
Maths Masterclass (invite) 6 Thursday 4:15pm Year 6 door



Sign up for clubs below

Sign up for clubs below
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