Vision & School Development Targets

Sythwood children by the end of year 6 will:

  • Be proud of their achievements and unique talents
  • Be happy and secure in who they are so they are able to contribute positively to the well-being of their community and wider society
  • Have been taught an effective curriculum and learnt fewer things in greater depth to ensure they have the cultural capital and knowledge to fully succeed
  • Have a thirst for learning and have high aspirations for their future, being equipped to become interested and interesting adults
  • Have been developed as a whole child to be independent, resilient and courteous
  • Be confident communicators
  • Be aware of their own health and well-being and that of others

To achieve this, every day we will strive to:

  • Be exceptional role models and have consistently high expectations
  • Use every second purposefully so the children learn in greater depth, experience challenge and make accelerated progress
  • Develop the whole child and their cultural capital through an effective curriculum, which is accessible for all
  • Treat everyone with respect and compassion
  • Listen to the views of, and work in collaboration with, our community
  • Have meaningful relationships with the children and be adaptable to their needs
  • Celebrate the diversity of our children and our community

Our School Development Targets for 2021/2022 are:


Curriculum picture 1200 

  • To offer a rich and carefully planned curriculum to ensure that children know more and remember more against the agreed end points
  • To ensure that the bottom 20% of readers in KS2 are receiving a reading curriculum matched to their needs, in order for them to make accelerated progress
  • For children in Reception to leave EYFS ready for Y1, utilising the new EYFS framework to achieve this

Closing the Gap

Closing the gap

Closing the gap

  • To ensure that Sythwood is relentlessly ambitious for all groups of learners to close the gap for specific pupil groups:
    • Progress and attainment for Disadvantaged pupils
    • Attainment at KS1



  • For children to demonstrate respect and be courteous to others, with a focus on manners and high expectations of themselves. 
  • To develop middle leaders (team leaders and subject leaders) to ensure that their area of the school is led to a high standard
  • Restructured line management of LSAs, to ensure they provide targeted and timely support for children
  • Evaluate the school's position related to equality, diversity and inclusion.


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