Vision & School Development Targets

Vision and Mission


Sythwood children by the end of year 6 will:

  • Be proud of their achievements and unique talents
  • Be happy and secure in who they are so they are able to contribute positively to the well-being of their community and wider society
  • Have been taught an effective curriculum and learnt fewer things in greater depth to ensure they have the cultural capital and knowledge to fully succeed
  • Have a thirst for learning and have high aspirations for their future, being equipped to become interested and interesting adults
  • Have been developed as a whole child to be independent, resilient and courteous
  • Be confident communicators
  • Be aware of their own health and well-being and that of others


To achieve this, every day we will strive to:

  • Be exceptional role models and have consistently high expectations
  • Use every second purposefully so the children learn in greater depth, experience challenge and make accelerated progress
  • Develop the whole child and their cultural capital through an effective curriculum, which is accessible for all
  • Treat everyone with respect and compassion
  • Listen to the views of, and work in collaboration with, our community
  • Have meaningful relationships with the children and be adaptable to their needs
  • Celebrate the diversity of our children and our community


Our School Development Targets for 2022/2023 are:


Curriculum picture 1200 

High quality learning experiences enable children to achieve in all areas of the curriculum

Closing the Gap

Closing the gap

For 'disadvantaged' children to attain at least in line with all children and to reduce the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children â€‹

Raise attainment at KS1 in reading, writing and maths



Equality, diversity and inclusion is front of mind for every decision

Children attend school daily

A purposeful learning environment where every moment matters

Attract, develop, train and retain the best people within a sustainable structure


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