Nursery Classes (Bluebells, Sunflowers and Daffodils)

Welcome to the Nursery page 

Hello and welcome to Sythwood Nursery. On this page you will find all the information you need for your child as well as useful and fun learning resources. 

If you have any questions, please contact the school office or talk to your child's class teacher.

Nursery Team

Bluebell Class

Bluebell team picture 2022 23

        SEND Practitioner- Mrs Metcalfe      Room Lead-Miss Igncaio          Apprentice-Mrs Ayub            
LSA- Mrs Bashir                 Apprentice- Miss Bolwell              LSA-Miss Lambert


Sunflower Class

Sunflower team picture 2022 23

SEND Practitioner- Mrs Metcalfe         Class Teacher- Mrs Woods         LSA- Mrs Ahmed 
LSA- Mrs Rivera              Apprentice- Mr Murray

Daffodil Class

Daffodil team picture 2022 23

SEND Practitioner- Mrs Metcalfe        Apprentice- Miss Caesar        LSA- Ms Rances
 Class Teacher- Mrs Lambert            Apprentice - Miss Sparks




Curriculum Overview

Following the new Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (2021), our planning ensures a clear progression of skills from our 2 year old to 4 year olds. Every half term our children are immersed in a new topic to capture their interest, curiosity and imagination. We use Birth to Five Matters to support our planning and assessment opportunities. Please find below our curriculum overview for each half term.

Bluebell Class (2 year olds)

Autumn 1 Autumn 1  Beep beepAutumn 2  Walking through the jungle Spring 1

Seasons image Spring 2  Butterfly Summer 1

Sunflower & Daffodil Class (3-4 year olds)

Autumn 1Autumn 1 Beep beepAutumn 2 The enormous turnip Spring 1

Seasons image Spring 2 ButterflySummer 1

Nursery Reading Spine

We have carefully selected these books which we will read with Nursery over the course of the year. The books link with our themes, exposing children to fantastic writing and represent the many cultures in our community. Please click on the image below to see the books shared in our classrooms.

Reading spine


Useful Websites

BBC Rhymes - Singing 

BBC rhymes

Number Blocks - Counting

Number blocks

Oxford Owl - Reading

Oxford Owl

Top Marks - Interactive Educational Games

Top marks

Diary Dates

Parents' Evening- W/C 5th December 2022 (face-to-face on the Wednesday)

                            -W/C 20th March 2023

Nursery Christmas Singsong & craft- Tuesday 13th December at 2pm

                                                          - Thursday 15th December at 9.15am


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