Forest School

Dear Parent / Carer,

Year 1 are invited to join Forest School which will be run by Mr Levett. Your child will participate for one afternoon in school time for the last three weeks of the school term, week beginning 28.06.21.

Aspen: Mondays

Maple: Tuesdays

Hazel: Wednesdays

The Forest School activities are always hands-on, and will often find children learning new skills and using tools in a controlled and safe environment. All activities are risk assessed thoroughly and the ratio of adult to child is 1:8. Come rain or shine, the children will be in the copse to learn and therefore we need to ensure that they are wearing suitable outdoor clothing:

  • Old t-shirt or comfortable long sleeve top
  • Wellingtons or sturdy trainers
  • Waterproof trousers if rain is forecast or spare trousers (i.e. jogging bottoms - PE kit joggers are fine)
  • Waterproof jacket/ Fleece/ Warm coat if the weather is wet or cold

Children will wear school uniform to school and change before the Forest School lesson. Old clothes are preferable. If your child does not bring spare clothes, then they WILL still be allowed to participate. Please bear in mind that their school uniform will almost certainly get dirty!

Please note that consent must be given before your child is able to participate in the Forest School lessons.



Forest School

Forest School
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