Planet Earth is the most amazing place and at Sythwood we seek to inspire a lifelong curiosity and fascination about our incredible world and its people. Geography, the study of our planet, consists of three key areas of focus: the physical properties of the Earth's surface and atmosphere; the human societies spread around the world and the interaction between the two. Geography teaching at Sythwood strives to give children a deep appreciation of all three.

Pupils will develop an understanding of key concepts and processes that give rise to physical and human features of the world; build on their contextual knowledge of globally significant places and become competent in the skills needed to collect, analyse, interpret and communicate geographical information successfully.

Geography is, by nature, an investigative subject in which children best develop an understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills through first hand experiences. Practical fieldwork therefore forms a key part of their learning.

New concepts are linked to previous knowledge so that learning is deep-rooted and long-lasting. Through the teaching of topics in a carefully chosen order, children build on their prior learning and consolidate that knowledge so that becomes long-term understanding.

A strong emphasis on the correct use of geographical vocabulary throughout the school means that children develop effective questioning and explanation skills. We read carefully selected books and stories that come from around the world and reflect different cultures.

Strong cross-curricular links with PSHE, history, English and maths mean that children are encouraged to apply their geographical knowledge and skills to other areas of their learning at every opportunity.

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Geography Progression 26th Oct 2020 Download
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