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TT Rockstars, Numbots and Accelerated Reader

Every week we will be using this page to upload examples of work that have been emailed to class teachers. We will be celebrating examples of work that show children being their best. We will also be celebrating children who have been playing TT Rockstars (years 3-6) and Numbots (years R-2) regularly as well as those children who have read lots of Accelerated Reader books/articles (years 3-6).

Mr Cool introduces TT Rockstars

Mr Cool returns to celebrate a rocking times table battle 

Mr Cool shares some results from the Easter holiday battles

Mr Cool wants to know 'What's Going On' with our teachers

Mr Cool challenges Mr Cole!

Mr Colebot from Numbot has a special half term message (Year R-2)

Find out more by clicking TT Rockstars (years 3-6) or Numbots (years R-2).

Let your teacher know if you need any help. 

Week 1


Week 2

Tt pic 2

Week 3

Tt rock

Week 4


Week 5


Week 6 


Week 7


The Big Sythwood Quiz

What a BIG response to The Big Sythwood Quiz!

Quiz pic

We hope you enjoyed having a go at these tricky questions on your own or with your family. Well done to these children for sending us your answers.

Nursery Fatima
Reception Joseph
Year 1  Lavandi, Katie, Salma, Daniel, Connor
Year 2 Iris
Year 3 Lam, Khadijah, Jonathon, Taylor, Reem, Dua, Sophie
Year 4 Orion, Nayraa, Muhammad yahya, Kimmi, Rehan, Ryan
Year 5 Zachary, Sophie, Razvan, Mariam, Janelle, Sebastian, Lauren
Year 6 Haris, Amy, Bulscu, Alba, Erika, Iman, Ruby

Please find the answers below. Did you get 25 out of 25 correct? 

Quiz answers










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