Year 3 (Larch, Beech and Chestnut)



Spellings and Phonics

Click on the images below for videos to help you with your phonics and spellings. 

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Here are some links:



Click on the image below for FREE home learning booklets for all year groups. 

Home learning activity booklet

Fake news - a  lesson for children

(it's like a computer game so children should enjoy it ;-) 
Fake news has always been a problem, but it's getting so much worse during this pandemic. Google has a nice little lesson for younger children to test their knowledge of fake news and what actions they would take under certain situations. It's free and only takes about 10 minutes. Click HERE.

Daily Activities

These are activities that you can do online (click the pictures):

Have fun with maths

Click the image below for CGP maths sheets and resources. 

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Year 5 p2Rockstars

Read, read, read

Click the image below and it will take you to the Harry Potter at Home hub where you'll find famous actors reading chapters of Harry Potter. 

Hogwarts at home

Have a go at reading a book from the free library by clicking the image below. 

Free library

Guided reading key questions 

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Amazon have some free e-books available for you to read (click on the image). 

Amazon logo

Accelerated Reader

We have a reading programme where children ( years 3-6) can read a book and the take a quiz about it. All children have their login details in their reading diary. Follow the link below to take quizzes about books or articles they have read. 

 Ar quiz

Some books you have at home will be on the accelerated reader list. Check here to find out.

If your child has any problems with logging in or you would like further support, email Mrs Park            

Try some creative writing

Year 1 p2


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