Reception (Oak, Ash and Elm)


Reception home learning timetable

Teacher Challenges

The Reception Team have put together some ideas you could do at home together. You could try to do one or two each day and take a photo for us to see (upload below). We look forward to seeing your learning adventures.

Half Term Challenge

Listen to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Hungry caterpillar

In the story, the caterpillar ate through lots of different foods.

Your challenge for half term is to:

  • Write a list or draw pictures and add labels of all your favourite foods.
  • Write a list each day during half term of all the healthy foods you eat.


Half Term Challenge

Our new topic after the half term is going to be all about minibeasts!


Can you tell us everything you already know about minibeasts?

Some ideas could be:

  • Go on a bug hunt.
  • Find a story with a minibeast in.
  • Write about what you already know.
  • Draw a picture of different minibeasts that you know.
  • Make a paper plate spider or a bumble bee using a cardboard tube!

We cannot wait to see all of your fantastic ideas! Enjoy getting creative!

Creative ideas


Daily Activities

These are activities that you and your family can do together (click the pictures):

Nursery p1


Enjoy a story with your child

Reception p3


Teach your monster to read

Reception p4


Sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks

Reception p5


Fun and games with CBeebies

Reception p6

Expectations of Home Learning

Thank you so much to all of you for sending your home learning pictures in, we have loved seeing what you are up to at home so please keep sending them!

We want to make sure that teachers have time to respond to every child. Below are guidelines so that you know what to expect from class teachers.

  1. Class teachers will reply to a child once a day.
  2. Teachers will generally make a comment about something they really like about what the child has done and make a suggestion of something to improve or an extra challenge.
  3. Teachers are only contactable between 08:30-15:30 Monday- Friday.
  4. Work uploads and teacher emails will only take place during term time (not during school holidays).
  5. Three weekly challenges will be uploaded to each class page by the Thursday of each week.
  6. The previous week’s challenges will be deleted on Mondays when new challenges are set.
  7. Children who have shown exceptional learning behaviours will have their work celebrated in our weekly newsletter that is emailed to parents on Fridays and uploaded to the celebration home learning page on our website! 

Keep working hard at home! We are so proud of you.


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