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Statistics and Impact 2015/16

Sports premium spending review 2015/16



Increase opportunities for children to partake in a wider range of competitive inter-school sports (level 2).

Mini bus training for 2 staff members to help remove barriers to participation which resulted in our children participating in a greater number of 'off site' sporting opportunities than previous years.

Hosted 3 tournaments – Football for Year 2 and 4 and Tag Rugby for Year 3 to allow children from local schools to compete.

Football club developed excellence in Football by a professionally qualified coach. Resulting in several of the Football club members joining out-of-school football clubs and regularly take part in level 2 competitions.

Provide funding for children to partake in community sports clubs.

Provided a pay as you play Saturday morning football session for children of Sythwood and the local community.


Develop links with clubs to provide opportunities for children excelling in sport.

Links created with 3 local clubs to provide exit paths from school sport into competitive sport has lead to more children taking part in sport out of school.

To raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle to targeted groups.

Sythwood took part in the Healthy Schools programme which involved workshops for the children and parents.

New lunch ordering system developed to encourage children to make healthy choices.

Our daily running initiative has vastly increased physical activity for all children and adults.

Developing leadership opportunities for young people.

Sports Crew training with Active Surrey (20 sport leaders).

Young leader training carried out for 20 children by external coaches for academic year.

Leaders have run positive playtime activities, refereed inter and intra school events, coordinated sports day events and recorded and published whole school daily running data.