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We believe that children should be given every opportunity to practise their spellings and to learn new vocabulary. At school we combine handwriting and spelling practice three times a week as we aim to raise the children's confidence in writing.  Download the documents at the bottom of the page to see what is expected of your child by the end of their current academic year.

A fun game for children in KS1 to practise their spellings. Click on the icon to play.

Choose a phoneme. A word containing a gap will appear in the sand. Listen to Colin the Clam say the complete word then click on the sandpie with the right spelling for the missing phoneme. Each word you get right will add a sandpie to the sandcastle you are building. Click on the icon to play.


Look, cover, write, check. A great game to practise the most common words. Click on the icon to play.

A fun game to practise word endings (suffixes). Click on the icon to play.

Phonics game. Click on the icon to play.

A fantastic website with lots of interactive games .