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School Uniform


It is very important that all children have a change of clothing and footwear for PE.


PE kit should be kept in school and children will not be allowed to borrow kit from each other. (Teachers will encourage the children to bring their kit home for washing each half term).

  • Pierced Ears: It is Surrey County Council Policy that children may not do PE wearing earrings. Plasters stuck over the earrings are not allowed. If you are considering having your child's ears pierced, please do it at the beginning of the summer holidays. We are not allowed to take out children's earrings - they must be able to do it themselves.

  • Hijabs (head scarves) that join under the chin are not to be worn during PE. Hijabs that cover the head but are tied behind the neck are suitable.

Please ensure that all clothes are clearly marked with your child's name
(Aprons for art/craft activities are provided.)

Many of the plain items can be bought from local chain stores, but if you would like to buy uniform with the Sythwood School logo please visit Griffiths by Valentino at 25-27 The Broadway, Knaphill, Woking, GU21 2DR. Telephone: 01483 473357. These include sweatshirts, cardigans, yellow polo shirts and PE T-shirts.

Book bags and PE bags can be purchased from the school office.