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By the time that they leave Sythwood, we hope that children will be able to read fluently with accuracy, understanding and expression. They will read for information and enjoyment; participating in discussions about what they have read and appreciating a wide variety of reading materials. 

In Reception, we want children to learn to love books and begin developing a joy of reading. Children are read to regularly to hear rich language, discover plots and lose themselves in adventures. As part of their reading journey, children begin learning phonics and take books home to share with their families. They use a variety of strategies to decode the words, learn key words and use meaning. 

In Year 1 and Year 2, children continue using their phonic strategies to read a wide range of books (fiction and non-fiction). We use a benchmarking system to ensure that they are reading books at the relevant level for them. This involves checking that they can read the words, self-correct, check meaning and answer questions about what they have read. Children listen to stories daily and read with adults in guided reading groups. These small groups improve oral reading skills, develop comprehension and allow group discussion. In Year 2, children sit 2 SATs reading papers to check their decoding skills and comprehension.  Parents can support their children by reading at home  for 10 minutes a day and writing a short comment in their reading diary. 

In Key Stage 2, children use the Accelerated Reader programme to encourage each child to read for pleasure. Children complete a STAR ReadingTM test online which provides them with a book level. They can then choose books from this level that provide the correct level of challenge. Children can then read the range of fiction and non-fiction books at home and at school. At school, they take Accelerated Reader quizzes on the iPad and receive points for quizzes answered correctly. They can move up through book levels and show progress by answering 85% or more of quiz questions correctly. This develops comprehension skills as well as increasing their vocabulary. Children will complete a STAR ReadingTM test each term to check their progress. Children not making progress will receive extra support. 


Click on the icon above to learn more or download the Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader.

Follow this link for parent login.  Follow this link, type in the name of a book and see if it is the right book level for your child.

 This video shows you how to use Home Connect

Throughout Key Stage 2, children will participate in guided reading activities to improve their reading skills, develop inference and to interpret texts. Their progress is carefully monitored and interventions put in place to support children who need extra help. We want to foster a love of reading in every child so that they become readers for life. 

In Year 6, children will sit a reading SATs paper which tests the skills that they have developed over the key stage. This includes a variety of texts and question types; including multiple choice, meaning of vocabulary, inference and retrieval.