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We have started using Accelerated Reader to support children in Years 3 to 6 with their reading and to inspire every child to read for pleasure. Accelerated Reader is a computer program that is used to encourage children to read, assess their understanding of what they have read and set targets to encourage progress of all children. Children are given their book level after completing a STAR ReadingTM test online and can choose from a variety of fiction and non-fiction books that should provide just the right amount of challenge. Children take Accelerated Reader quizzes online and receive points for quizzes answered correctly.

Children can move up through book levels and show progress by answering 85% of quiz questions correctly. In doing so, they will also develop comprehension skills and increase their vocabulary. The STAR ReadingTM test will also be sat 4 times a year to assess progress with any children not making progress receiving extra support.

Click on the icon above to learn more or download the Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader.

Follow this link for parent login.  Follow this link, type in the name of a book and see if it is the right book level for your child.


 This video shows you how to use Home Connect