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Our vision


Sythwood children by the end of year 6 will:

  • Be proud of their achievements and unique talents

  • Be happy and secure of who they are so they are able to contribute to the wider community

  • Have mastered the basics and be ready for their next stage in education

  • Have a thirst for learning and have high aspirations for their future

  • Have been developed as a whole child to be independent, resilient and courteous

  • Be a confident communicator

  • Be aware of their own health and well-being and that of others


To achieve this, every day we will strive to:

  • Be exceptional role models and have consistently high expectations

  • Use every second purposefully so the children master the basics, experience challenge and make accelerated progress

  • Develop the whole child through a broad curriculum and enriching experiences, which are accessible for all

  • Treat everyone with respect and compassion

  • Listen to the views of and work in collaboration with our community

  • Have meaningful relationships with the children and be adaptable to their needs

  • Celebrate diversity of our children and our community