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Don't forget your holiday Maths Pack!

Hooray! It’s the summer holidays!

You’ve worked so hard this year, and learnt so many new things you deserve a big pat on the back. You also deserve to be able to start in September still knowing what you know now – and not forget everything over the summer!
So in between your summer adventures and relaxing are you up for an extra challenge?
Your task is to complete the challenges in this special Don’t Forget Your Maths Pack (download below). As well as being lots of fun, the challenges will help make sure all of the amazing maths that you have learnt sticks in your brain ready for your new learning adventures.
Simply tick the challenges you have attempted and bring this pack back with you when school starts again in September!

Have fun!


*For younger children you might want to get outside and enjoy some  maths activities in the sunshine. Follow the link below.