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Medical Issues

Medical Conditions

Sythwood School is an inclusive community that aims to support and welcome pupils with a large variety of medical conditions, providing these pupils the same opportunities as others at the school.

We will help to ensure they can:

  1. be healthy

  2. stay safe

  3. enjoy and achieve

  4. make a positive contribution

  5. achieve economic well-being.

  6. The school ensures all staff understand their duty of care to children and young people in the event of an emergency.

  7. All staff feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency.

  8. This school understands that certain medical conditions are serious and can be potentially life threatening, particularly if ill managed or misunderstood.

  9. This school understands the importance of medication being taken as prescribed.

  10. All staff understand the common medical conditions that affect children at this school. Staff receive training on the impact medical conditions can have on pupils.


What is the procedure for medicines in school?

If your child has been unwell and is on medication but you feel they are well enough to attend school, it may be possible to give them their medication at lunchtime. You must send in a note with the medicine or fill in a form (obtainable from the school office).  For safety reasons we will not administer medicine that has been brought in by a child without your written authority.

The medicine must be clearly labelled with your child’s name, the name of the medicine, the dose and the times at which it should be taken and in the box provided by the pharmacy.  We would prefer you to send in one day’s dose only, but certainly no more than one week’s supply at a time.  The office staff will do all they can to make sure your child receives the medicine, but they cannot guarantee to do this.  You are always welcome to come into school to give your child the medicine.


If your child suffers from asthma and needs to use an inhaler at school we ask you to complete an asthma card (ask for them at the Office).  This card helps us to know the precise instructions for administering the medication to each child.  The card will be kept in the classroom with your child's inhaler(s). 

What if my child has an accident or becomes ill at school?

The class teacher plays an important part in the physical well-being of the children and several of our staff are qualified in First Aid.  We can deal with many accidents quickly and easily in school – sometimes children just sit quietly until they are ready to return to class.  However, if there is a more serious injury (such as a bad bump to the head) or illness, we try to contact the child's parents immediately. 

Reminder: It is important that you inform us of any changes to your contact details (including mobile phone numbers) and those of other people we can contact if we cannot reach you.