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Maths = Fun

This year we want you to send in your recommendations for maths games, websites and apps. See below:      

Name of resource: IXL 

Web address:

How to do it: You pick a subject then pick a lesson

You read the question then click an answer

After that you press submit


Recommendation: I recommend this to all years and for all subjects

For all years up to 13

Downsides: You can only do a certain amount of questions per lesson unless your signed in

Rating: 6.6/10

Reviewed by: Archie and Arshaq 


Name of resource: Make 24

Web address:

How to do it: You play this game by creating 24 with the numbers provided.

Recommendation: We recommend this for year three and under because it tests all of your operations and thinking skills.

Rating: We rate this game 8/10

Reviewed by: Elliott


Name of resource: Times Table Wizard

Web address:

How to do it: In this game you do times tables with the wizard. It tests you on times tables.

You need to do all questions in 60 seconds in this game. 

Recommendation: Recommended for year 4 to 6

Rating: I rate this 6.6

Reviewed by: Arshaq


Name of resource: Top Marks

Web address:

How to do it: In this you choose the best way to learn counting e.g. teddy numbers where you give teddy a certain number of things or underwater counting where you count the sea creatures.

Recommendation: I recommend this for KS1 and for people struggling in counting.

This website focuses on counting numbers for people starting maths.

Rating: I give this a 5.4/10

Reviewed by: Archie


Name of resource: Penguin Jump

Web address:

How to do it: In this game you are a penguin that is using multiplication questions to jump to different ice blocks.

Recommendation: We recommend this game for year three and four.

Rating: We rate this game 9/10

Reviewed by: Y6 Review Team 


Name of resource: Maths Monster Multiplication

Web address:

How to do it: In this game you have to choose the right answer then it will give you monsters and when you get an answer wrong your monsters get smaller.

Recommendation: I recommend this game for year 4 because you need to know your times tables up to 12.

Rating: I rate this game 7/10.

Reviewed by: Arshaq


Name of resource:  Subtraction Blast!

Web address:

How to do it: You play by using the 2 and 3 keys and firing at the numbers that are coming towards you to subtract  the numbers to exactly zero.

Recommendation: This game is recommended for year 3 and over as it helps your subtraction.

Rating: 7.5

Reviewed by: Y6 Review Team 


Name of resource: Algebra Puzzle

Web address:

How to do it: My method is first find out what one of the symbols are by finding a symbol that has only itself in that column and divide it by how many squares are in the column to get that symbol.

You use that symbol to work out the other symbol.

The feedback tells you if you got it right or wrong.

Recommendation: I recommend this for year 5&6 because it is algebra and that is hard.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Y6 Review Team