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Maths = Fun

This year I want you to send in your recommendations for maths games, websites and apps.     

Name of resource: IXL (website)

Web address:

How to do it:

You pick a subject then pick a lesson

You read the question then click an answer

After that you press submit



I recommend this to all years and for all subjects

For all years up to 13


You can only do a certain amount of questions per lesson unless your signed in

Rating: 6.6/10

Reviewed by: Archie and Arshaq 


Name of resource: Make 24

Web address:

How to do it: 

You play this game by creating 24 with the numbers provided.


We recommend this for year three and under because it test all of your operations and thinking skills.

Rating: We rate this game 8/10

Reviewed by: Elliott



Name of resource: Times table wizard

Web address:

How to do it: 

In this game you do times table with the wizard. It tests you on times table. You need to do all questions in 60 seconds in this game. 

Recommendation: Recommended for year 6 to 4

Rating: I rate this 6.6

Reviewed by: Arshaq



Name of resource: Top Marks

Web address:

How to do it: 

In this you chose the best way to learn counting e.g. teddy numbers where you give teddy a certain number of things or underwater counting where you count the sea creatures.


I recommend this for KS1 and for people struggling in counting.

This website focuses on counting numbers for people starting maths.

Rating: I give this a 5.4/10

Reviewed by: Archie