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Planning a holiday, building a house or hosting a dinner party? Then you will encounter Mathematics.

Mathematics is the key to success in life and at Sythwood Primary School our young people are successful Mathematicians and go on to be successful in society. Our approach to teaching at Sythwood is practical and creative.

At Sythwood, we want children to see maths as an exciting subject, to enjoy exploring numbers and investigating patterns. We want them to develop a range of mental and written calculation skills and to use them with confidence in real-life situations. We also want them to be able to talk about their methods and explain their reasoning when they are solving problems.

We follow the National Numeracy Strategy which will provide the necessary skills to handle Mathematics in everyday situations. This curriculum introduces some methods which may be unfamiliar to parents (see our calculation policy below). Teachers are always happy to answer any questions and to discuss the maths taught in class.