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We are passionate about giving our children as many different experiences as possible and we see value in providing extracurricular activities to supplement our diverse curriculum. 

Summer Term 2018

We are able to offer the following school clubs (see table below) this term which will start from Monday 23rd April and will end Friday 13th July.
Please sign your child up by selecting the tabs on the right side (maximum of two clubs). The sign up forms will be open on Monday 16th April (9am) and will be closed Tuesday 17th April (5pm). You will be notified (via text) by Friday 20th April if your child has been given a place in a club.
Please be aware that some clubs are invite only so you will not be able to select the related sign up form. You will receive a letter by Friday 20th April if your child has been selected for an invite only club. 
Information about paid clubs including Judo (Thursday mornings), Allegro Performers Academy (Tuesdays after school), Sam/Luke's NSSport Football & Multi Sports (see below) and Klay Konnection (see below) can be requested from the main school office. 
Club Year(s) Day/time Collection point
Construction  R Monday 4:15 Elm class
Multi Sports R Thursday 4:30 Games area
Phonics (invite) R Thursday 4:15 Reception 
Maths (invite) R Tuesday 4:15 Reception
Writing (invite) 1 Monday 4:15 Hazel class
Phonics (invite) 1 Tuesday 4:15 Maple class
Football (paid) 1-2 Wednesday 4:30 Field
Multi Sports (paid) 1-2 Tuesday 4:30 Games area
Cooking  1-2 Monday 4:15 Infant hall
Creative  1-2 Monday 4:15 Sunflowers 
Reading (invite) 1-2 Thursdays 4:15 Holly class
History (invite) 1-4 Wednesday 4:15 Rowan class
Football (paid) KS2 Monday 4:30 Field
Multi Sports (paid) KS2 Thursday 4:30 Field
Braille  3-4 Monday 4:15 Junior building
Film 3-4 Monday 4:15 Larch class
Summer Sports  3-4 Wednesday 4:30 Field
Klay Konnection (paid) 3-4 Thursday 4:30 Larch class
Drama  4-6 Wednesday 4:15 Cedar class
Running 5-6 Thursday 4:15 Cypress class
Hama Beads 5-6 Monday 4:15 Main office
Cheerleading & Dance 5-6 Tuesday 4:15 Infant hall
Summer Sports  5-6 Thursday 8-8:45 Field
Klay Konnection (paid) 5-6 Wednesday 4:30 Larch class
German  6 Tuesday 4:15 Y6 building