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We are passionate about giving our children as many different experiences as possible and we see value in providing extracurricular activities to supplement our diverse curriculum. 

Autumn Term 2018 

We are able to offer the following school clubs (see table below) this term which will start from Monday 24th September and will end Friday 7th December. Please note that some invite only clubs might start earlier. 
Please sign your child up by selecting the tabs on the right side (maximum of two clubs). The sign up forms will be open on Friday 14th September (5pm) and will be closed Tuesday 18th September (10am). You will be notified (via text) by Friday 21st September if your child has been given a place in a club.
Please be aware that some clubs are invite only so you will not be able to select the related sign up form. 
Information about Sam/Luke's NSSport paid clubs can be found at 
Club Year(s) Day/time Collection point
Film  R Mon 4pm Reception
Craft  1-2 Mon 4:15pm Willow/Hazel
Mindfulness Colouring 1-2 Mon 4:15pm Holly
Playdough 1-2 Mon 4:15pm Juniper
Film 1-2 Fri 4:15pm TBC
Construction  1-2 Fri 4:15pm Aspen
Dance 1-2 Wed 4:15pm Infant hall
Creative  1-2 Mon 4:15pm TBC
Tag Rugby (invite) 1-2 Thu 4:30pm Field
Film  3-4 Mon 4:15pm Larch
Reading (invite) 3-4 Thu 4:15pm Chestnut
History (invite) 3-4 Wed 4:15pm Pine
Braille  3-4 Mon 4:15pm Rowan
Board Games 3-4 Tue 4:15pm Pine
Cheerleading  3-4 Tue 4:15pm Infant hall
Young Carers (invite) 3-4 Mon 4:15pm Junior building
Tag Rugby (invite) KS2 Wed 4:30pm Field
Friends of Sythwood (invite) KS2 Wed 4:15pm Junior building
Hama Beads  5-6 Mon 4:15pm Oak
Musical Theatre  5-6 Tues 4:15pm Hawthorn
Forest School (invite) 5-6 Tues 4:15pm Junior building
Board Games 5-6 Thu 4:15pm Lime
Maths (invite) 6 Thu 4:15pm Sycamore