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Sythwood's Published Authors

Niamh and James (her dad) came into school today to share with the children how they worked hard for 10 months to publish their own book.  They wrote 79 drafts before they arrived at a final copy that they were happy with- we all aspire to have that level of perseverance.

Here are their thoughts about their journey and how they got the book published on Amazon.

Walking to the shops one day Niamh (age 8) and her Dad (age 47) were talking about secret paths and funny ideas.  They liked the ideas so much that they decided to start writing a children’s book called Farland Valley and illustrate it with lots of colourful pictures.

Niamh drew most of the pictures and her Dad wrote most of the words.  Together they invented all the ideas and often helped each other out.  After ten months of perseverance, cooperation and team work, Niamh and her Dad finished their first book.

They published their book on Amazon using a free self-publishing service called CreateSpace and even setup an Author’s Page, as shown by the link below.  They enjoyed the experience so much, that they have written a second book called Farland Valley Beach and have created some colouring books as well.